The classic instrument for sound meditation

The monochord impresses with its overtone-rich, full and deep sound, which immediately allows you to calm down and opens up levels that would otherwise only be accessible with some meditation experience. The way of playing is extremely simple and can be learned by anyone within a few minutes.

Monochord - Manufaktur Meerklang


All strings of the monochord are tuned to the same ground note, with the two outer strings each being an octave lower than the others in order to fill the sound in the bass range. Although you don’t play any melodies on the monochord, but only create a flowing, sparkling continuous tone, you notice after a short time, that melody-like structures develop in the overtone range all by themselves.Through direct experience you can experience that one tone contains many other tones. Many people experience a feeling of deep connection and peace when they play the instrument for a few minutes or simply listen.


  • Music therapy

  • Sound meditation

  • Improvisation

  • Overtone singing

  • Sound therapy

  • Psychotherapy

  • Sound healing

  • Trance work

  • Sound journeys

  • Natural sound music

  • Voice formation