An ideal instrument for improvisation

The psaltery is a string instrument from the Middle Ages. In a sense it is the forerunner of the violin. However on the psaltery the tone is not produced on a fingerboard. Instead each string is fixed on a certain tone. The advantage is that one can play clean-sounding melodies without much experience.

Generating sounds with a bow offers a special appeal: with this instrument you can teach the introduction to handling string instruments in a playful way. Simple techniques such as bowing, holding the bow and bow pressure can be learned easily with this instrument.

Psaltery - Manufactory Meerklang


Der Psalter ist ein ideales Instrument zum Improvisieren und lässt sich gut mit dem Monochord , dem Saitentambourin oder der Tambura zusammen spielen. Die Tonerzeugung mit dem Bogen bietet hierbei einen ganz besonderen Reiz.

  • Improvisation

  • Sound meditation

  • Music therapy

  • early musical education

  • Musical instrument for storytellers

  • Stringed instruments lessons