Effortlessly play easy songs

The songharp is a plucking instrument with 17 strings in a diatonic scale. It is a table or lap harp, where you can place prepared sheet music under the strings. If you follow the course of the notes and pluck the strings above, you can easily play simple songs.

Songharp - Manufactory Meerklang


There are 15 ready-made, easy-to-play children’s and folk songs for the songharp, which everyone knows. These can of course be extended at will by describing the notes on a blank sheet of music.


You can get to know playing by notes very easily with this instrument. It helps to reduce the fear of the notes. If you take the sheet music away, you can start playing freely on this instrument. Due to the diatonic mood, no misunderstandings can arise.

This instrument can also be used for free improvisation if you play without sheet music, similar to the lyre or the koto.

I developed the song harp especially for kindergarten and primary school. It is solidly constructed, extremely consistent and has a handy size.

  • Improvisation

  • Sound meditation

  • Music therapy

  • early musical education

  • Musical instrument for storytellers


The songharp with its 17 strings - Manufactory Meerklang
The songharp with its 17 strings