The double instrument:
chair and bed

Like the therapy monochords, the soundchair-bed is a body sound instrument. It is mainly used therapeutically. One lies or sits on the instrument and another plays. The lying surface or backrest is slightly curved inwards, which increases the lying and sitting comfort and gives you the feeling of being completely enveloped by the sound.

The special feature of the soundchair-bed is that it is a double instrument. You can build it either as a soundchair or as a soundbed. With just a few simple steps (conversion approx. 10 minutes) the different components can be put together differently.

As a third variant, you can also build up the instrument with the playing level upwards and use it like a stand monochord.

Soundchair-bed - Manufactory Meerklang


The effect of the soundchair-bed is similar to the therapy monochords, only much more intense, since the whole body can immerse himself in the sound.

The resonant body of the instrument is very long, so the basic tone is much deeper than with the therapy monochords. The focus of the experience with soundchair and soundbed is the dissolution of physical boundaries, the detachment of time and space and the experience of comprehensive relaxation. Therefore, this sound makes it possible to penetrate into deep emotional areas, as is the case, for example, with the sound-guided trance.

If you build up the instrument as a bed, the effect is much more intense due to the more relaxed posture in lying down and the greater contact of the body with the instrument.

After a treatment while lying down (duration between 10-30 minutes), many people still feel that they have the sound to carry within them hours later.

Some have inner images during treatment, others have the experience of boundless freedom that opens up beyond thought; others come into contact with long-forgotten memories, be they pleasant or unpleasant…

The testimonies of therapists and sound travelers are varied and impressive – to list them all here would be beyond the scope.