Bass-Harmony- Tambourine

Powerful chords that fill the room

The bass harmony tambourine is a powerful accompanying instrument with the basic chords C major, F major, G major, D minor, E minor and A minor. You can strike the chords with the mallet or pluck them individually with your fingers. The full, yet differentiated sound is reminiscent of a gently played piano and is very suitable for accompanying simple songs or providing a solid basis for playing with melodic instruments.

It is ideal for sustained improvisations, sound meditations or neo-classical soundscapes. By muffling the strings with your hand, felt or fabric, the timbre can be influenced directly, similar to an open piano.

The tuning of the bass harmony tambourine’s chords is an octave lower than the classic harmony tambourine.

Bass-Harmony-Tambourine - Manufaktur Meerklang
Bass-Harmony-Tambourine diagonal


The string tambourine is suited to accompanying songs with chords, similar to a guitar. And yet it is much simpler to play because you only have to hit the chords and don’t have to change the fingering as with guitar chords.

  • Accompaniment of songs

  • School music lessons

  • Early musical education

  • Music therapy

  • Geriatrics