Double Monochord

Rich sound on two levels

The double monochord has two string sides with two different ground notes that are in a fifth distance to each other. You can play both sides individually or at the same time. Due to the large number of strings, the overall sound of the double monochord is somewhat more powerful and richer in overtones than that of single-monochords. When playing with other instruments, the different basic tones give you a little more creative freedom in the accompaniment.

The Meerklang double monochords are strung with 50 to 60 strings, depending on their length.

Double Monochord - Meerklang Manufacture
Double Monochord top view

Sound image

The double monochord, like the one-sided monochords, impresses with its overtone-rich, full and profound sound. If you play both levels at the same time, the two basic tones interweave into one, creating versatile melodies in the overtone spectrum. If you play the levels one after the other you can improvise very nicely with your voice or other melodic instruments.

Use cases

  • Musical therapy

  • Sound meditation

  • Improvisation