Sound Chair Therapy Monochord

The double instrument: Sound-chair and Therapy Monochord

This instrument can be used either as a sound chair or as a therapy monochord to be placed on the body. The backrest of the sound chair is a wide therapy monochord that can be easily removed. All you need to do is loosen four Allen screws. The chair construction can be dismantled using 4 additional Allen screws. The backrest of the chair is very tilted, so that you can enjoy the sound perfectly, almost as if you were lying down. The powerful vibrations spread unhindered to the seat and armrests because the sound body is firmly screwed to the chair construction. The therapy monochord can also be purchased individually.

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Sound Chair Therapy Monochord


The total of 12 bass, fifth and octave strings ensure a rich, deep and enveloping sound. The remaining 34 bare steel strings produce a nice, broad overtone spectrum.

Similar to the sound chair lounger or the large sound lounger, this instrument enables intensive sound and self-experience. Within a few minutes, a deep physical and mental relaxation can occur that is otherwise only experienced after some meditation practice.

This relaxed and expanded inner state brought about by the sound can be used very well in the context of body therapeutic and spiritual processes.