Therapy monochord

Your own body becomes a resonance chamber

The therapy monochord belongs to the family of body sound instruments. These are instruments which can be laid on the body or on which you can lie (sound bed) or sit (sound chair). The sound or resonances are not only absorbed by the ears but also transmitted directly from the instrument to the body.

So your own body becomes a resonating space.

One person plays the instrument, and one person experiences the sound, or “is played”.

Although you can put the therapy monochord on your belly and play it for yourself, it is of course much nicer and more intensive if another person plays for you.

Therapy monochord from the manufactory Meerklang


Whereas the monochord is tuned to one note, the therapy monochord in addition to the various octaves of the root note also has 2 strings which are tuned to an interval of a fifth. The fifth is a very pleasing and harmonizing interval, which can be felt as both enlivening and calming at the same time.

It rounds off the sound of the monochord and is particularly effective when used in the direct transmission of sound to the body. Because of the tuning in 5ths the instrument is also known as the body tambura (Berhard Deutz, Klangwerkstatt).

When all the strings are set in motion at the same time a pleasantly rippling sound full of overtones arises which reminds the listener of a babbling brook or gently rushing waves.
The effect of the sound can be described in general as stimulating, lifting the spirits and at the same time relaxing. Besides that the sound can help to alleviate cramps and heighten the awareness of the body.
It is particularly noticeable that after just a few seconds the breathing becomes deeper and calmer.


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